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Convention Guidelines

Central District Volunteer

Firemen's Association

Organized in 1892



Adopted October 20,1990

Revised August, 2001

Revised August ,2002

Revised August, 2004

Revised August 2005

Revised September 2007

Revised October 2009

Revised August 2010

Revised October 2011

Requirements Necessary to Submit a Bid For

Annual Convention

In accordance with Article VII Section 1 of the By-Laws the following items are required in order to complete a bid to host the Annual Convention:

1. a. An invitation to hold the convention submitted on Fire Company Letterhead and signed by the Secretary of the Fire Company attesting to the bid.

b. A resolution from the governing body of the political subdivision of the requesting Fire Company granting permission for the Fire Company to host the Convention. These letters must be submitted no later than at the Convention Meeting four (4) years prior to the year in which the Fire Company plans to host the Convention.

2.A member of the Host Fire Company, who is also an active member of the Central District must be nominated to the position of Third Vice President. This is done at the time for call for nominations at the Annual Convention Meeting .First Session Thursday Night in order for the bid to be complete.

Convention Host Timetable

Year 1

Any interested member Fire Company can submit a bid to host the convention four years from now by submitting a Letter signed by Secretary of the Fire Company and a letter of resolution from the governing body of the political subdivision that the Fire Company is located in.; the name of the person representing the Fire Company to be placed into nomination for 3rd Vice-president. Bids will be accepted up to the time for call for nominations Thursday night. If receiving the majority of votes cast., the individual becomes sworn in as 3rd Vice-president and the Town is guaranteed the Convention four years from the election. If the Fire Company desires they may have another individual represent them as they go through the chairs. The Fire Company should be prepared to submit names of members to serve on certain Central District Committees on the Board of Control at the reorganization meeting Friday afternoon of the Convention.

Year 2

The Fire Company must submit the dates of the convention. In accordance with by-laws it shall be held during the third (3rd) week of August. If special circumstances causes the dates to be a week earlier or later permission from the Board of Control is needed at this time. Person serves as 2nd Vice-president. He must be nominated from the floor each year.

Year 3

The person goes into the 1st Vice President Chair. The Fire Company should have a tentative schedule of events for the delegates and tentative housing information. Names of certain contact people should be made known. Such as Housing ; Parade; Queen; Contest; Booklet Chairpersons; Individuals will be appointed to various Central District Committees in their field to serve until after they have had a convention.

Year 4

The person assumes the Chair of President and will serve and leave the Chair in his Home Town. The Schedule of Events must be final. Housing Information; Motels; Camping Sites should be available for Delegates. The President shall call for a reorganization meeting to be held immediately following adjournment Friday afternoon. This includes Officers; Past Presidents; Lapsation Members; Committee Chairpersons. At the Fall Board Meeting Housing Information and forms must be made available. Reports from various committees giving updates. A list of items (Shirts; mugs etc.) using the Central District Logo must be submitted to the Board of Control. If there is an increase in the Registration Fee it must be reported and receive approval.

Host Town will hold the Spring Board of Control, usually in April, not conflicting with any religious holidays. Central District will pay the Host Company $150.00 to have a hot meal at the Spring meeting. At that meeting a Certificate of Insurance naming Central District must be in the hands of the Secretary. Full detail reports listing any special exhibits; programs should be noted. If convention items are for sale they should be made available. Booklet Ad requests should have been already mailed out. Secretary will provide list of address labels for fire companies; or officers or any committees that the Host may need. Prior to convention the President and Ass'n Sec. will select the Focht Award Winner.

        After the convention and no later than the following Spring Board Meeting the Host Town must submit the following documentation for reimbursement:

       1. Photocopy or images of canceled checks for Bands; up to a maximum of 6. Reimbursement rate is $500 @ band and a list of Parade and Contest Winners be submitted to Parade Committee.

       2. Photocopy of Printers Invoice showing Co.'s cost per page for booklet; a booklet with pages marked and totaled. The Program Book shall include the minutes in full of the previous annual convention meeting, the Fall and Spring Board of Control meetings. It shall also contain a list of previous Presidents of the Association and town in which the Convention was held, a list of the Member Organizations of the Association and a list of the previous Convention's Contest and Parade Winners. The Convention Host Summary Report must be submitted to Convention Committee. Reimbursement is limited to a maximum of $2,000. After deadline no reimbursement.

       3. Photocopies or images of canceled checks for Cen-Wes-Cam Apparatus Judges. Reimbursement up to eight (8) Judges and One Teller to a minimum of six (6) prorated with a maximum reimbursement of $562.50 The Proper form must be submitted to Parade Committee by Spring Board of Control Meeting.

Convention Guidelines

I.The Convention Host must stand all expenses of the Convention. The subsidies for Parade and Booklet are paid when proper documentation is submitted within the time frame.

a. The host is to provide a souvenir convention badge. Make certain that the badge holder is large enough to hold the delegates membership card as their Name ID Card and a program book for each member that registers. All moneys collected from advertising in the program book goes to the convention host.

b. Housing reservations, fire equipment exhibits, publicity, contests and parades are handled "directly" by the convention host.

c. The Association has Committees to help and advise the host with the Queen Contest; Pumping and Battle of Barrel Contest; Memorial Service; Parades and Awards. Any specific questions involving any guidelines or planning can be answered through the Convention Steering Committee.


1. Registration Headquarters

     a. Host to supply a staff of people to register delegates; collect registration fee; distribute Badge, Program Book and any other item or materials related to the convention.

     b. Suggested Time of Registration is 1:OOPM till 9:OOPM

     c. Only Members with Current Membership Cards may register

     d. Souvenir Items ,etc can be sold in same area by the Host.

     e. A table, chairs near an electrical access be made available for the Association Secretary and/or Treasurer to setup & collect dues.

     f. If requested , a table for either the County Vice Presidents or Ways & Means Committee to sell any approved items for the Association.

2. Past Presidents Banquet-—5:OOPM

    a. Host provides for location, menu, reservations and covers all cost.

    b. All Association and Auxiliary Past Presidents .Current Officers and guest are invited.

    c. Central District will reimburse the Host Company $5.00 per Past President, Current elected officers and the Chaplin in attendance Guest can attend provided they paid for their meal. Host can have a Speaker and if desired, provide a gift to the Past Presidents and Officers.

    d. After the Banquet, Past Presidents will conduct a Business Meeting.

3. County Vice-Presidents; Committee Meetings—-7:OOPM

    a. Host provides for location of meetings

4. Convention Meeting: First Session----8:OOPM

    a. Meeting Room to accommodate approximately 150 members

    b. Tables & Chairs for Officers: US Flag.

    c. Setup the Association's Public Address System (tested in advanced for working order).

    d. Sufficient Lighting; air conditioned if possible

    e. Meeting Room should be away from distracting noises.

    f. The Opening Ceremony is conducted with the attendance of the public officials and special guest.

    g. If the nominations of officers and convention town requires a ballot, the Host must make arrangements to have ballots printed and available for the next day's voting. Ballots are printed at Host expense.

    h. The First Session shall recess at 9:00PM

    i. Optional: Host can have snacks and refreshments after the meeting.


  1. Registration
    1. Suggested Time:8:OOAM till 9:OOPM
    2. Same conditions as for Thursday

2. Memorial Service : 9:00 AM

         a. Memorial Service should be held outside in a Park, Fire Department Memorial, or in a Church. If outside is chosen plans should also be made to move it inside in case of rain.

         b. If no churches are available in the host town the Memorial Service can be held in a School Auditorium or Fire Hall or where the Business Meeting is held.

         c. Host Company should make certain that the Public Address System is working and that a Speaker’s Podium and the Memorial Board are setup in front of the room. Sufficient seating for all persons on the program should be available. Also additional seating for those older members who are unable to stand through the entire service.

         d. The Memorial Address can be given by either a Local Pastor or the Central District Chaplains.

         e. Programs should be printed including the names of all deceased members from the latest year.

125-150 Copies should be printed. The deceased list can be obtained from the Secretary by August 1st.

         f. Host should provide Ushers to distribute programs and assist in seating. One person should be appointed to act as Master of Ceremonies and have responsibility to have all speakers seated on the dais.

        g. Central District Secretary and Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain should be involved in the service.

        h.          Recommended Order of Service: (May be altered for local needs.)

                     8:30AM              Organ Music (As members arrive and are seated)

                     8:55AM              Processional

                     9:00AM               Call to Order by President; Pledge to Flag: Opening Prayer--CD Chaplain

Greetings and Announcements (President or MC)

Welcome by Municipal Official **

Organ Prelude (Acolyte lights candles during this music)

Call to Worship (Responsive Reading; Pastor-People)

Prayer of Invocation (Pastor-Chaplain)

Opening Hymn

Lord’s Prayer in Unison (Best if printed in Program)

Scripture Reading (Pastor-Chaplain)

Memorial Address (Pastor-Chaplain)

Special Music (Solo or Instrumental)

Roll Call of Deceased Members—Central District Secretary

If any, Aux to Central District Members—Aux. Secretary or President

Ringing of Bell after each name or at end of list **

Taps (trumpet solo) ** Moment of Silence Blowing of Siren for last alarm call **

Closing Prayer (Pastor-Chaplain)

Closing Hymn

Unison Reading (Firemen’s Prayer or Reading printed in Program)

Organ Music (Acolyte extinguishes Candles)

Benediction (Pastor)

Recessional ** Optional

i. As the Deceased names are read a light on the Memorial Board be TURNED ON and Memorial Flag be placed in the Main Table Helmet Holder Display. Flags distributed to family members after the Service.

3. Compliance Committee Meeting - 15 minutes before the start of Business Session.

 4. 2nd Business Session and Awards Program- 10:30AM

a. The Room should be well lighted, climate controlled with either a stage or Main Table up front. Usually same room as the business meeting was held.

b. Awards Committee needs access to the room by 10:00AM to setup for the program. Program should begin at 10:30AM

c. The Committee needs Two (2) Eight foot Tables separate from Main Table to arrange awards prior to presentation.

d. The Association's Public Address System with a mike (tested beforehand) so that recipients can be interviewed.

e. Room should have an open area for photo-taking of the winners. The Central District Memorial Board lighted makes a nice background for the photos.

f. Host should contact local news media (Television, Newspapers, Radio) and ask them to attend this event and should provide seating near front of room. Awards Committee should provide media with a Press Release on the Awards.

g. Host Company should appoint a person to act as liaison with the Awards Committee to make certain all is in order for a successful program and to be able to correct any special problems that my come up.

h Host to provide Meeting Room for the Auxiliary for app. 50 people

i. A handout or posters listing places available to have a lunch.

5. Voting (if necessary)— 11:00AM to 12:00 Noon

     a. Location near the place of meeting.

     b. Host to arrange for printing of Ballots.

     c. Must have room of sufficient lighting; tables; chairs for the election tellers

6. 3rd Business Session-starts immediately after the Awards Program or at 1:00PM if voting occurs.

    a. Location and Conditions same as for Thursday

    b. Continue until all business is completed

    c. Immediately after adjournment the President will hold the Reorganization Meeting

7. Queen Contest Banquet—5:OOPM

    a. Host provides location, menu; reservations and pays cost.

    Queen Contestant with one escort; Queen Contest Committeepersons , Judges are provided meals free gratis. County Vice-presidents; Family members;                general public may purchase tickets at a cost determined by host company.

8. Queen Contest --- 7:00 PM

1. Queen Registration from 12:00 PM to 1:OOPM Personal interviews at 1:30PM

a. Host supplies location and proper signs.

b. Host will be assisted by the Queen Contest Committee to see that the contestant is eligible and also abides by the other rules adopted by Central District.

c. Room or auditorium to accommodate approximately 400 people and if possible air-conditioned.

d. Stage or elevated platform; PA System; Floral Decorations; CD Board (Lighted)

e. Experienced Master of Ceremonies; 3 to 5 Judges

f. Central District will purchase Tierras and Sashes for winners with Host reimbursing Central District.

g. Trophies for Queen and 1st Runner-up and flowers provided by Host.

h. Central District will provide the Queen Roving Trophy and Monetary Gift.

i. Souvenir gifts are appropriate for all contestants

j. Host to provide transportation and signs for Queen and 1st Runner-up for Parade.

9. Battle of Barrel— Registration and Captain's Meeting - - 2:OOPM Contest—-3:OOPM

a. Central District supplies Roving trophy; Host provides trophies to the first three (3) place winners.

b. Central District Committee to help host setup, conduct and time the contest. The CD Committee will rule on any disputes and declare any disqualification.

c. All equipment owned by Central District will be kept in Special Trailer for transport. The host must see to it that everything is in working order. On the last day of the convention, they will give over the Equipment Trailer to the next host who in turn will transport it to their town ,store it , and get it ready for the next convention .

d. The following is a list of items needed for the Battle of Barrel, the Host Company needs to provide for the contest

1. 150 ft of 2 ½ inch Hose

2. 2 ½ “ gated “Y”

3. 200 ft of 1 ½ inch hose

4. Pike Pole 8-10 ft. long

5. Engine and Pump Operator

6. Two (2) vehicles suitable for anchoring the rigging

7. Ambulance on stand-by during the contest

8. Water resistant tape measure

9. Area should not contain overhead utility lines

10. Stopwatches,whistle,and charts for team brackets provided by CD

11. 3 Trophies - 1st, 2nd, & 3rd 

10. Pumping Contest needs from Host:

1. Staging area for draining and inspection

2. Make safety zone at target area and pumper discharge area to keep spectators clear.

3. Double check layout for contest to make sure distances are correct.

4. Be familiar with the Central District Rules

5. Make sure competing team is on the starting line with backs turned before truck moves toward the tank.

6. Have 6 to 8 people to help with contest

7. Have Ambulance on stand-by at the contest

8. Be sure whistle and timing equipment are ready to use, these are provided by CD Committee

9. Uniformed Fire Police---minimum 4

10. Two back-up personnel in full turnout gear.

11. 11/2 inch hose line to wet down street surface

12. 4 Trophies - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th


1. Registration

a. Suggested Time:9:OOAM till 4:OOPM

b. Same conditions as for Friday.

2. Compliance Committee Meeting at 9:45 am.

3. Pumping Contest -10:OOAM- Captains Meeting may be held up to one hour prior.

a. Host to use Central District Rules. Any deviation should be cleared with the Pumping Contest Committee prior to the Spring Board of Control Meeting.

b. Host provides all equipment necessary for staging contest. Area be relatively level;

1. No Overhead Utility Lines; Area cordon off to protect spectators.

2. Staging area for draining and inspection

3. Make safety zone at target area and pumper

4. Double check layout for contest to make sure distances are correct.

5. Be familiar with the Central District Rules

6. Make sure competing team is on the starting line with backs turned before

truck moves towards the tank.

7. Have 6 to 8 people to help with contest.

c. Host to provide an Ambulance on stand by for the contest.

d. Central District Pumping Committee will provide assistance for setup, timing,

and judging of contest. Any disputes are settled by the Central District Committee.

Committee members will wear identifying garb.

e. Host to provide location; public address system, safety control and experienced


f. Central District will provide the Roving Trophy for the Winner. Host to supply trophies

for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places.

4. Apparatus Judging:

a. Maybe either Standing prior to Parade or during the Parade.

b. Must use Cen-West-Cam Judging Association Rules & Judges

c. Rules contain suggested Parade Prizes but host has optional to add or delete from the list to fit local situation.

d. If standing , allow ample time prior to parade formation; and provide a large paved parking area for judging.

e. Host provide a local townsperson to serve on Judging committee to view parade and select Corbin Award Winner.

f. Central District Parade Committee will be available to assist the Host on any matters pertaining to the Parade. They will have a current Membership List.

5. Convention Parade: Starting Time "As early as 3:OOPM and no later than 5:OOPM

a. Host provides all trophies and cash prizes and guarantees.

b. Host provides transportation and signs for Association Officers, Queen and 1st Runner-up. Such individuals should be permitted to

sit on the reviewing stand during the Parade.

c. Fire Companies hosting the next three conventions are the first visiting fire companies in the line of march in consecutive order.

d. Rules regarding use of sirens ;horns; radios; throwing of candy; use of alcoholic beverages will be strictly enforced .

e. Host to provide a time, location, PA system, to award the trophies after the parade.

6. Misc.

a. Special Entertainment for the delegates is at the discretion of the Host.

b. Host is responsible for all mailings regarding events at the convention. The Central District Secretary will provide mailing address labels for any Committees; Past Presidents; and Fire Companies.

c. Any additional contest, fire equipment demonstrations; seminars; historical and industrial tours are at the discretion of the host.

d. Host company should not schedule events in conflict with Central District event times. Any deviation in time or format should be approved by the Board of Control.

e. Host Committees should meet and take advantage of the expertise of the members of the Central District Advisory; Memorial; Queen Contest; Firemen's Contest; Parade; Convention Steering Committees in planning their convention.


  1. The Host Company shall set the day, time of the parade and the parade lineup. They shall indicate the location of Prejudging if any, or the Judging area in the line of march.
  2. The Host Company shall have the option of adding or deleting certain categories from the suggested Parade Prize Categories and limit the number of places awarded.
  3. Each apparatus wishing to be judged must register and indicate which category they are entering . The Department must designate an individual to act as leader. He/she shall be advised of the rules. The conduct of the other members on the apparatus will be the responsibility of that designated leader. Host Company or Central District Parade Committee will provide a person to handle registration and distribution of written parade rules. Host can get information from driver for their Parade Announcer.
  4. If the fire apparatus is to be judged during the parade, this area will be marked. As a result all apparatus are to move slowly and continuously through the Main reviewing area and maintain their spacing.
  5. The Parade Lineup and Order of March shall be at the discretion of the Host Fire Company unless specified by a County or Regional Fire Organization rules.
  6. The Host Company will not compete for any prizes.
  7. At the discretion of the Host, horses and animals may be part of the parade provided safety and health factors for both animals and spectators are taken into consideration. Dalmatian Dogs may ride the apparatus.
  8. Drilling for all marching units in forward motion only. A two (2) minute drill time is suggested.
  9. No candy, gum, or any other items are permitted to be thrown from any motorized unit in the parade. Distribution can be done by persons on foot walking near the curb. If permitted by local rules.
  10. Blowing of sirens, use of air horns, ringing of bells and unnecessary use of radios during the parade is prohibited. Violations will result in disqualification.
  11. N0 Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the apparatus in the judging area or in the line of march.
  12. Personnel in the line of march and on the apparatus must conduct themselves in a safe and orderly manner. Intoxicated personnel are not permitted in the line of march or on the apparatus. Personnel are not permitted on tailboard, sideboard, hose bed, or front bumper. Violation will result in disqualification
  13. (Optional) The number of personnel on the apparatus shall be limited to the seating capacity of said apparatus as determined when apparatus was manufactured.
  14. Any emergency occurring in the Fire Company’s municipality or its coverage area will be handled by the Host company or its designate. If an emergency call occurs during the parade, the parade will immediately be suspended, all units will moved as far to the right of the street as possible and come to a stop. A parade Marshall will notify them to continue when the situation is under control.
  15. County and Regional Organizations can add, delete or modify any of these rules for their own purpose.
  16. Decision of the Judges is final.

Suggested Parade Categories

The Host Company will determine the number of prizes in each category

and which categories are to be deleted or expanded to fit the local situation.

Prizes may be Trophies, or plaques, or all cash or any combination.

Fire Company Prizes in the Association

Group A: Best Appearing Engine (Present ,back 5 years)

                 Best Appearing Engine---(six years, back to eleven years)

                 Best Appearing Engine---(twelve years back to eighteen years)

                 Best Appearing Engine---(nineteen years, back to 25 years)

 All Engines must have a minimum 750 GPM Pump; 500 Gallon Tank; and be carrying at least 500 ft of 2 ½ “ or larger hose.

Group B: Best Appearing and Equipped Aerial: 50 ft or higher

                  Best Appearing Specialty Unit (Utility,Light;Air; Command: RIT; Haz Mat ; Fire Police ;etc.)

Group C: Best Appearing and Equipped Heavy Rescue

                 Best Appearing Light Rescue or Mini Pumper

                 Best Appearing Engine/Rescue

Heavy Rescue 15,001 rated GVW or above. Light Rescue 15,000 GVW or below.

Engine/Rescue must meet both Engine and Heavy Rescue Requirements.

Group D: Best Appearing Tanker

                 Best Appearing Engine/Tanker

                 Best Appearing Brush Vehicle

Tanker must have a minimum 1500 gallon tank capacity with minimum 6 inch Dump Valve. Intakes not permissible. Engine/Tanker must meet both tanker and engine requirements.

Group E: Must be Judged in the line of March

                 Best Appearing Engine ….26 years back to fifty years. Unit must be in Service

                 Best Appearing Motorized Antique, 50 to 75 years old, under own Power

                 Best Appearing Motorized Antique, over 75 years old, under tis own power

                 Best Appearing Non-motorized Apparatus, Hand or Horse Drawn during Parade

                 Best Appearing Uniformed Fire Fighting Marching Unit: 21 Personnel or more

                 Best Appearing Uniformed Fire Fighting Marching Unit; Less than 21 personnel but more than 6

                 Department Traveling Longest Distance : Straight Line Distance measured on Map

                 Best Appearing Privately Owned Apparatus: Owners must show current Association Card

Host Company Optional: Best Appearing Fire Department Color Guard ( Minimum 4 personnel)

Group F: Best Appearing and Equipped ALS Unit

                 Best Appearing BLS Unit

Special Judges Awards

Best Appearing Engine                                                  Best Appearing Tanker

Best Appearing and Equipped Aerial                           Best Appearing Rescue: Heavy or Light

Department Traveling Longest Distance                       Best Appearing Antique Apparatus 26 yr. & older

Best Appearing Fire Apparatus Privately Owned; Individual Owner

Special Judges Awards

Judging Guidelines

1. Total Score is the best out of possible 40 points distributed in the following categories:

A. Overall Appearance (Cleanliness; External Mount of Equipment; Undercarriage

and Wheel ……………………………………………………10pts.

B. Compartments: (Portable Equipment)……………………..10pts.

C. Hose Bed: (Hose and pre-connects)……………………….10pts.

D. Cab and Seating Area…………………………..…………..10pts.

2. Bonus Points: Dress of Personnel……………Street Clothes…….0

Logo Shirts……….1

Full Uniform………2

3. Bonus Point Certification……..Pennsylvania State Firefighter Certification Decal…2.5

    Pennsylvania Dept. of Health Certified Rescue Decal…………..…2.5

4. Penalty Points: Parked Apparatus Wheels not choked…….-1

               Apparatus Moving: Occupants not wearing seat belts…-1

              Any Obvious Safety Violation………………………-1

5. Disqualification: Alcohol on Apparatus; Intoxicated Personnel on Apparatus

               Use of Siren: Air Horns; Throwing Items from Apparatus. Personnel on tailboard, sideboard, hosebed or on front extended bumper.

6. .Scores are carried out to a 0.2 point in each category.

               Host Company or Organization Parade Committee to help enforce disqualification outside apparatus judging or reviewing area.

Guidelines for Annual Meeting

In Lieu of Annual Convention

1. If at the First Session of the Convention on Thursday Night there are no bids submitted for the

following year’s convention, a letter of Intent can be submitted by any fire company/department in good

standing signed by the President and attested by the Secretary of the Fire Company/Department on

Fire Company stationary requesting to hold the Spring Board of Control Meeting and the

Annual Meeting in August. The Fire Company requesting the bid must submit the name of

a member of the Association in good standing to be the President. The request must then be voted

upon and if approved ,the fire company is granted the bid and the person is installed as President.

2. The Spring Board of Control Meeting is to be scheduled on a Sunday in April not to conflict with

Religious Holidays. The Committee Meetings are held one hour before the Board of Control meeting.

The times can be adjusted based upon the location of the meeting in the Central District Area.

3. The annual meeting should be scheduled sometime between August 15th to August 31st. The day can be a Friday or Saturday or Sunday. The Association Secretary is to have the previous convention minutes, the Fall and Spring Board of Control Minutes the Treasurer’s Report, Audit, and other committee reports in printed form. Tentative Schedule of Events. Host may modify for local conditions

                    9:00AM Opening Ceremony: Prayer & Pledge; Welcome Address; Response

Memorial Service (recommended be done in a church) recess

11:00 AM 1st Session; Report of Officers; Nominations of officers and Convention Town; Appointment of Tellers; Voting from 12 Noon to 1:00PM if Necessary

1:00PM 2nd Session: Report of Standing Committees

2:00PM Awards Program

3:00PM 3rd Session: Reports of County Vice-Presidents; Delegate to State Convention Unfinished Business: report of Tellers; Installation of New Officers;

                                      Presentation to Outgoing President; Communications; New Business: Resolution to Host Company; Adjournment Sine die.

4. Since there will be no booklet, Queens Contest, Parade, there will be no reimbursements from the Association. Host does have option to have a Badge and charge a registration fee or to conduct the Battle of Barrel and Efficiency Contest. All cost to be responsibility of Host Fire Company.

Camping Guidelines


Camping Rules & Regulations

1. It is the responsibility of the Host Fire Company to provided a suitable site for camping to handle tents, trailers, and RV's. The site should have an entrance and exit to allow easy access and a makeshift roadway to allow emergency vehicles to enter the camping site. Sufficient port-a-johns and garbage containers/dumpsters depending on the size of the site should be made available while providing water and sewage hookups is optional. The Host Company must charge an adequate fee to cover their cost in providing restrooms, garbage pickup, police protection, and final site cleanup. The Central District Association is not responsible for any cost incured in having the campsite.

2. To obtain a campsite, the individual must be a member of Central District or a member of a Fire Company that is a member of the Association. That person will be designated as the Person in Charge (PIC) of the campsite. He/She will be responsible to the Host Company and Central District if any problems arise from their site. Also a roster of all persons staying overnight at the site must be submitted and if necessary updated during the convention. This is necessary in order to know who is there so that person can be contacted in case of an emergency.

3. The following is strictly prohibited in the campsite:

A. Fireworks (M-80’s etc.) of any type

B. Weapons of any type

C. Lewd and immoral activity in public

D. Fighting and other types of physical altercations

E. Based upon local conditions, the Host Fire Company can have other restrictions

4. All laws pertaining to alcohol consumption and substance abuse must be observed.

5. The campsite should represent a healthy and safe environment for all.

6. Violation of any of the above rules will result in the campsite being closed down and the individuals removed from the Convention town and in addition saidperson/persons will not be permitted to camp the following convention. Also, notice of the violations will be forwarded to their Home Fire Department.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse


Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy


One of our objectives listed in our Constitution is to” encourage the fraternal friendship among firefighters.” This is the reason various contests and activities are scheduled during the Annual Convention. As firefighters we demand the respect of the general public as professionals. Our actions must show to the public that we deserve that level of esteem. As a collective body of firefighters we must ensure and preserve the reputation of the Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association, our local fire department and ourselves as worthy of public trust and admiration .

The Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Association does not condone nor accept alcohol and substance abuse by its members at any meeting, function or activity sponsored by the Central District throughout the year and especially at the Annual Convention.

We, collectively, must make certain that if a fellow member by his/her actions shows signs of alcohol or substance abuse we must do everything possible to prevent that individual from getting into situations that can cause bodily harm or property damage thus affecting our public image. This can be done by limiting alcohol consumption at our activities, providing individuals willing to serve as designated drivers, and by acting as mediators when we see a fellow firefighter in a situation that can escalate to the detriment of all and if necessary utilize the local enforcement agencies for assistance.

Policy Implementation

  1. 1.Additional Personnel (Sergeant of Arms) should be positioned at every entrance/exit to ensure that no one enters a meeting or function indoors with a container of alcohol or showing obvious signs of intoxication or substance abuse.
  2. 2. No team member shall report for any team contest and be permitted to participate if they excessively abused alcohol or a controlled substance.
  3. 3. While in the Host community, if at any time, alcohol is found on a fire apparatus, in fire protective gear, or on personnel riding a fire apparatus, the Fire Department is immediately disqualified from all convention activities from the time of discovery to end of convention.
  4. 4. Penalty for Violation of Policy;   

 If within a four (4) year time period a Fire Department/Company has

One violation…….Disqualification and Letter of reprimand :

Two violations .…Removal from the convention and fire department/company not be permitted to participate in the next year's convention.     

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